Message from the Chair

Greetings Fellow Alums,

First of all, on behalf of everyone on the K-12 Committee, I want to thank all of you who have contacted us to express your interest and enthusiasm in being a volunteer working with us. I am pleased to report that we have already successfully engaged many of you in past events, including some hosted by phenomenal organizations, such as AAAS and NASA. You are what has made all of the past science fairs, speaker series, FIRST robotic competitions, and other events fun and exciting. As you can see from the following descriptions, the Club has been active for several years with several activities supporting K-12 and STEM education, and we plan to continue. For those of you who have not yet volunteered or are still wondering whether to volunteer, I encourage you to learn more about us and get involved. Some highlights are lectures by various outstanding and fun speakers (including at least one Nobel Laureate), science fairs, robotic competitions, and local high schools mentoring/coaching. Stay tuned for updates in the Club's newsletter and email announcements! 

Also, because of the success of the past events, we are now frequently approached by local schools and organizations that aim to improve/promote K-12 education to recruit potential volunteers to help as coaches, judges, teachers, workshop leaders, etc. As a result, we now serve an additional very important role of referring interested volunteers to appropriate organizations that can best utilize the volunteer's expertise and at the same time meets his/her interest. We courage you to be an volunteer to any (or all) of our events that spark your interest! On the other hand, if you are involved with a school or organization that would like to be involved, please contact us to find out how!

I encourage you to get involved. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

We look forward to seeing you in our next event!

Kenneth Gordon, Ph.D.
Chair, K-12 Committee, MIT Club of Washington DC