Cancellation Policy

Club Events

Please write separate checks for your Club dues and for each Club event. We will deposit your dues check within about three weeks, and each event check about a week after the event. If you pay for more than one thing on the same check, we will deposit your check about a week after the earliest event, or within about three weeks if you also included your dues payment in that check. Once we have deposited your check, you will not be able to cancel a future event and get a refund.

If you pay by check and you cancel prior to the registration deadline, or we cancel the event, or the event is oversubscribed and we cannot accommodate you, we will shred your check.

From time to time, we may enable event payment by credit card using MIT's Encompass. If you pay by Encompass and you cancel, there will be NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS, regardless of when you cancel. In the unlikely situation where the Club cancels an event, or where the event is oversubscribed and we cannot accommodate you, we will issue a refund check for the registration fee less the amount we pay for using Encompass, which is 2.8% of the registration fee. We regret that we cannot issue full refunds back to your credit card, because Encompass does not have the ability to process any refunds. If this is of concern to you, please pay by check.

Affiliate Events

Affiliate organizations, including the Seminar Series, Boomers to Busters, the Enterprise Forum, and the Ivy groups, each have their own cancellation policies. Please contact the event chair for information.